Create positive impact.
Be a social leader.

Social leaders have the skills, perspectives and self-awareness needed to drive both business and social impact.

Nearly all employee engagement surveys say the same thing: Employees are not fulfilled and engaged at the level organizations need them to be.

There is not just one cause for this. One could blame the economy, which is forcing many workers to work harder and more hours, increasing stress and decreasing satisfaction. It could be the strain of a global pandemic causing people’s lives to be generally challenging. Or companies may not be rewarding their employees well enough. While there are likely many contributing factors, there is a one long-held belief that is backed by data: People join companies and leave managers.

The world needs social leaders.

As we move through the 21st century, it’s becoming apparent that we need a different type of leader than we did in the past. Top-down, directive styles that were effective for the past century are no longer adequate. As employees and customers, we expect leaders to be more collaborative, more authentic and more engaged.


As users of social media and mobile technology, we have grown accustomed to a more dynamic, engaging conversation with those around us. Companies started participating to get an edge over their competitors – but as we move further into the 21st century, this type of conversation is becoming expected. It is no longer the differentiator – it is the norm.

Generational Change

The so-called millennial generation demands a flatter, more agile organization, one that is driven by purpose. This generation is also accustomed to a new social dynamic, one that is conversational and responsive. As this generation becomes a dominant force in the workplace, they bring new cultural expectations.


We are an increasingly global and virtual workforce. More and more companies work online and across international boundaries, using technology to communicate and share. Many leaders have remote employees, who aren’t coming in to an office on a regular basis, but still need to stay connected and informed. A more engaged, conversational style of leadership supports that culture of connection.

Social leadership is an emerging leadership style that is needed for success in the modern workplace.

Social leaders form strong connections 

We expect more responsiveness and a stronger human relationship with leaders amidst digital transformation. In this social era, leaders not only hold a real dialogue with their employees and customers, they also need to rethink their role in society. Employees expect organisations of all forms to act responsibly and with purpose, and engage with broader society in a positive way.


Social leaders understand the strategic value of social impact

To deliver on their sustainability goals, organizations need social leaders who have the skills, perspectives and mindset to drive both business results and social impact. Social leaders understand that creating shared value and having a positive societal impact also results in stronger business performance.

Social leaders establish the context needed for others to succeed

The world has moved from knowledge scarcity to knowledge abundance. It’s no longer about what you know but what you can do with what you know. Content expertise is no longer enough. Leaders need to be able to filter through what they hear, see and read, recognize the patterns and set the context for others to be successful.

 We help create impactful social leaders

At Be Leadership, we help organizations bring their social purpose to life through their people. We want to help create a world where all organizations are led by people who inspire others to greatness. Through experiences that develop people’s self-awareness, expand their world view and enrich their skillset, we develop leaders who are prepared to align the whole organization around a shared reason to be.

Take our free self-assessment to explore your readiness for social leadership.

What you’ll learn

This free self-assessment will help you to reflect on your readiness for social leadership and explore how you can become even more effective. The questions will help you consider your performance in the modern workplace and what skills you bring to your teams and organizations.

How it works

In this assessment, you will be shown a series of statements relating to skills required by social leaders. Read each statement and rate each individually on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is Completely Disagree and 5 is Completely Agree. Time required is approximately 15 minutes.

What’s next

After completing the assessment, you will be given an opportunity to download your results. Those skills where you score lowest are those you might consider developing further; your highest are those you can draw upon and use in new ways.

Learn more about social leadership in Shannon’s book Because: Twelve Essential Skills for Connecting How You Lead with Why. In her book Shannon introduces a social leadership model with twelve key skills to revolutionize how—and why—you lead.

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