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Our Team

The world needs social leaders.
Here are ours.

Shannon Banks

Shannon Banks

Shannon is an award-winning facilitator, consultant and coach and is passionate about creating a better world through social leadership. She founded Be Leadership in 2014 to help organizations, teams and individuals thrive in a modern work environment.

Sarah Jones

Sarah is an executive coach and facilitator with extensive international experience working with individuals and teams. Personable yet professional, she creates a motivating and challenging coaching environment, intuitively knowing when to lead and when to listen.

Stephanie Parry

Stephanie has over thirty years of experience in global companies as a senior HR leader, a consultant and a coach. She works with people at all levels of the organisation to get to the heart of what really matters and to enable change. 

Elizabeth Rushton

Liz is a talent management consultant and executive coach. She has extensive corporate experience working in talent and people development roles across multiple sectors including defence, technology and public services.

Patty Ryan

Patty began working with Be Leadership as a Business Manager in early 2019. She brings a background in senior-level event production, marketing and branding to the team.

Jenny Serra

Jenny is an experienced marketer and graphic designer who works alongside Shannon to produce course content. She acts as a technical producer for online workshops and works behind the scenes to support the business.

Richard Strudwick

Richard is a developmental leadership coach, working with individuals in leadership positions to help them adapt, perform and take proactive steps towards their own stated business and behavioural goals.

Nathalie Thoumyre

Nathalie is a leadership coach who supports leaders and their teams in achieving the best sustainable performance in their global environment. She has facilitated numerous initiatives to bring about positive change.

Ed Williams

Ed is a highly-experienced, qualified executive coach who works with senior and emerging leaders. He helps them to think, feel and behave more effectively in order to deliver peak performance and enhanced results.

Amy Moore

Amy works with clients internationally as an individual and team coach, helping them identify and achieve their personal and professional goals. She believes in a systems-driven, humanistic approach.

Wendy Reus

Wendy is an experienced, qualified executive coach who is effective at quickly establishing trust and understanding the challenges her clients are facing. She is supportive and believes people have the ability to improve their performance.

Antonella Mediati

Antonella is passionate about helping clients find awareness, purpose, and unlock their true potential. Antonella accompanies leaders and teams to navigate through change and transformation. 

Shannon Wallis

Shannon’s ability to launch big ideas and create new realities comes from more than thirty years of professional study as well as a lifetime of personal vision, tenacity, and practice.

Colette Cahalane

Colette is a leadership coach, facilitator and team coach. She has worked with senior leaders and teams across a variety of sectors over the past 18 years. She is known for designing and delivering programmes that lead to sustainable and positive change.

Kristi Alcouffe

A lifelong learner, Kristi’s thirst for knowledge brought her to leadership development and coaching, where she helps her clients identify specific barriers and find positive ways to remove them. 

McKenzie Lane

A recent graduate with a major in psychology, McKenzie is the youngest member of our team. Her fresh perspective helps keep Be Leadership forward-looking and dynamic.